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    Swiss style turning

    CIRC Manufacturing chooses to compete in the field of small diameter component manufacture. We utilise the proven, swiss sliding head platform from Citizen Machinery to create bespoke CNC machined parts and components.



Swiss style turning was designed for the machining of long slender workpieces, which would be a struggle or even impossible to produce with conventional machine tools.

This is achieved by feeding the bar stock through a guide bushing device, which supports the material, as the tools engage the cut.

Over the years, these machines have progressed to offer much more than just turning long slender components.

Parts which were once, only considered as a milling part, can now be made far more efficiently on a sliding head machine, due to the automated nature of the equipment and the diverse range of tooling options available.



All our sliding head machines feature both main and sub spindles and carry a multitude of tooling, including driven cross working and end face milling / off center drilling.

This enables us to offer, ‘Done in one’ type manufacture, where the components are automatically conveyed from the machines, finished, without any secondary operations.

This in turn, allows us to offer fantastic value to our clients and running our machines through unmanned shifts, allows us to offer competitive pricing.

All our sliders are fed by full length, fully automatic bar feeds that can be loaded up to run for days at a time.


To control the flow of parts coming through inspection and finishing, we carry out inspection reports and statistical process control measures. This ensures you get the correct parts, on time and within tolerance.



We are proud to be one of a small number of shops, in the South west, to be able to offer Sliding head turning. So if you're looking for CNC machining near me, CIRC is the place to go.

These machines require lengthy training and experience but can allow both our programmers and also our design clients, the chance to open their minds and really stretch the limits of what is possible, in component manufacture.

Parts no longer must be simplified for cost effective production.

Swiss lathe in action.


Get in touch to find out how our sliding head expertise, can streamline your production demands.

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