• Precision Machining. Expert Design. Elegance.

    Precision Machining.
    Expert Design.

At CIRC we found our inspiration for creating a fine writing instrument from our experience and knowledge in the fields of precision machining and the processing of exotic super alloys.

We wanted to create something which, while technically challenging to produce, offers an elegantly simple instrument with a lifetime of useful enjoyment.

first stage of pen production
CIRC Engraved Pen


Every creation starts with an idea. It’s how we deliver on that idea, that sets the tone for the result.

The clipless, capped design is a perfectly balanced, uninterrupted cylinder, with a gentle taper along its barrel, much like that of an artist’s paint brush.

The flawless lines and geometries created in 3D CAD, have been brought to life in exquisite detail.

Remove the cap to find a detailed, fluted neck. Perfectly suited to long periods of writing in comfort.

CIRC Pen Materials


Every part of the instrument has been cut from Nitronic60, a powerful, nickel-based material, known for its stoic resistance to acids and corrosion.

Despite being among the world’s toughest alloys, Nitronic60 produces a wonderful, micro-planished surface after being cut with carbide tooling and neat cutting oil.

The smooth, precise flow of ink comes from using the wonderful Schmidt Ceramic Roller Ball cartridge.


Each component part has been made in-house, using computer numerically controlled swiss lathes.

No other machine type could be used to produce our signature surfaces and long slender design.

Hand-Finished Custom Made Pen


Machining of the components is only a part of the process. Every part is hand-finished to enhance the micro-planished surface texture, whilst a multi-stage flat and polish process produces a convex mirror to the ends of both the barrel and the cap.

Pen Serial Numbers

Serial Numbers.

Each precision instrument is given a unique four-digit, sequential serial number.

This will be used to track the pen throughout the manufacturing process and information is kept, to detail its date of construction and the materials used.

However, if a specific four-digit number that you desire is available, this can be requested by contact with Circ.


In this modern world of technology, we have never forgotten the simple joy of writing.
Handwriting still enables us to transcribe our thoughts and feelings in a uniquely expressive and personal way.

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