Swiss Fun

Swiss Fun

We decided to produce a sample part, to showcase what our swiss lathes can really do, in one operation.

Swiss turning is very much a dark art in the world of turned parts, and part of the challenge in advertising for this type of service, is showing people exactly what they can do!

This sample shows a part which would be almost impossible to produce with any other type of machining platform.

The video shows how the machine produces the part from front to back, maintaining support through the guide bushing while its being cut and then further support by the sub spindle, during the very long, tapered screw cutting operation.

This diverse and capable machine also had no trouble producing milled.

Brass was chosen for the video, as it doesn’t require oil cooling but it also posed another challenge, as brass is not as rigid as other materials and so it is not as easy to produce such a long and small diameter component, of this nature.

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