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CIRC Manufacturing is a specialist welding and machine shop based in Westbury, Wiltshire offering a unique approach to solving challenges and creating solutions.

We operate from a clean and organised 2200 sq ft premises situated in Westbury Wiltshire.
Over the years we have adapted to meet the needs of our clients and we continually make investments in equipment and training to enhance our capabilities.

Working within various industries including Industrial and pharmaceutical means we can offer our services while maintaining the cleanliness of the environment which is essential for this type of work.

Our shop is equipped with some of the finest welding and material processing equipment. We can complete processes involving production Mig welding, coded Tig welding, Fillet Brazing and keyhole Plasma welding using our vertical and horizontal rotary positioners. We can also offer CNC Milling, Turning, Drilling, Assembly work and 3D CAD Design.

The Detail

The Detail

We currently run high value, low volume work for the electronic and energy sector.

In addition, our scope extends to the use of 3D Design modelling and 3D Printing of prototypes and design concepts which can then go on to become full batch runs.

As well as our specialism in the electronic and energy sector, our diverse capabilities allow us to offer a complete engineering package to suit the needs of a variety of work and industries.

Please call in or email us using the contact page to discuss your requirements.

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CIRC Manufacuring
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