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CNC Machine Shop

Our machine shop is focused on producing parts for welded assemblies and special purpose machinery components. We have full use of CAD CAM software for CNC programming and use 3D printing to produce parts for initial proof of concept. We have become adept in reverse engineering of broken components or the re manufacture requirements of obsolete hardware.

CNC Milling Services

Our Hitachi Seiki CNC milling machine utilises a full 4th and additional 5th axis positioner to enable helical milling and 5 sided machining. This machine also incorporates an electronic work setting probe and on board tool length pre setter. To further enhance set up efficiency we also use a doweled sub plate to make switching between table layouts and functions a much smoother task. The table capacity is 760mm x 410mm and features a directly driven 8000rpm spindle with 30 station BT40 tooling magazine.

The formidable 10 ton vertical Cincinnati EDO mill is used for larger work pieces. This mill is not just a brute but can be used for fine limit work. We have found that its use in cylinder head resurfacing and boring operations to be of great interest to many looking for engine repair or modification work.

The Thiel Duplex 158 Universal mill is a real ace in the pack. This machine is capable of being used in nearly any configuration from vertical to horizontal milling. We make full use of its tilting vertical spindle, alongside its tiling and swivelling table arrangements. We have been known to even remove the table completely and bolt odd shaped work directly to the knee of the machine with special fixturing made to suit.

CNC Turning Services

Our Hitachi Seiki CA23 CNC Lathe is Defending the front line of the pack. Full 4 Axis mill/turn. 10 Station Turret( every other station is live ) 12 Station ATC to support dynamic tool wear and Lean Manufacture. Machines are as new/ new old stock. Turning processes are taken care of by our CVA tool room lathe. Its one piece cast bed and slideways provide a rigid and repeatable platform for boring and screw cutting operations.

Drilling Services

We use 2 gear head drill presses in the shop. An 8ft ELBA drill with MT4 spindle and automatic feed for large / heavy, repetitive drilling and a smaller Swedish S25 drill, mainly used for offline auto tapping operations.

Cutting Service

For our cutting needs we use a combination of 3 saws. A mightly little cold saw for handling heat sensitive materials up to 50mm diameter, A 60 degree mitre bandsaw for materials upto 160mm diameter and up to 8 meters in length. For the machine shop billet cutting we use an Addison hydraulic auto saw. This machine can automatically cut pre determined lengths of material upto 260mm diameter. A full description of this saw and how it came to be, is featured on our case studies page.

We are constantly updating our stock of support hardware used on all our machines and always implement the use of modern carbide cutters and techniques.

All our machines are periodically inspected and kept up to scratch with an in depth maintenance regime.

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